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    Semolina SANTAMARIA integral organic Senatore Cappelli durum wheat.Granular product obtained from the grinding of hard wheat in its entirety, ideal for preparing fresh pasta or to dry with a high degree of roughness and absorption of condiments.Net weight 1 kg.

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    SANTAMARIA flour of ancient wheat Ancient Saragolla Turchesco.Product not granular obtained by grinding and sifting the wheat Saragolla Turchesco, suitable for the preparation of homemade pasta and fresh egg pasta, bread, pizza, cakes and pastries, breading and any other use.Net weight 1 kg

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    SANTAMARIA organic wheat flour Arso.Non-granular product obtained by milling and consequent screening of toasted hard wheat is indicated, preferably mixed with wheat flour, for the preparation of breads, buns and other bakery products, and for the preparation of fresh and dry pasta with a decided taste and with intense scent.Net weight 400 gr

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    SANTAMARIA flour organic wheat Saraceno.Non-granular product obtained by grinding and consequent grain screening of Saraceno grain is indicated, preferably mixed with wheat flour, for the preparation of fresh pasta, salted and sweet baked goods, crepes, pancakes and for the preparation of typical dishes such as pizzoccheri and tarenta polenta.Net weight...

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    SANTAMARIA flour organic of 5 Cereals & Seeds.Non-granular product obtained from the blend of 5 grain flour is indicated, both in purity and mixed with other flours, for the production of low and high salty and sweet salty products.Ingredients from organic farming: Soft wheat flour, toasted hard wheat flour, spelled Spelled flour, barley flour, rye flour,...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items