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Here for simplicity and clarity a tabular report which shows the principal differences between the ns. olive oils
production enterprise: SAINT LUCIA, BOSCHINO and DOLCE TERRA RUSSA

Report comparativo olii extravergini e vergini di oliva
In the following table we indicate the nutritional values of our oils
for 100 ml of product, amounting to 91.3 g


Tabella nutrizionale olio extravergine

Guide and concepts on oil extra virgin olive oil

      Despite an absolute disinformation campaign, it can certainly be said then that the first pressing of the olives is undoubtedly the best kind of dietary fat. The olive oil is for culinary traditions, historical, social and lifestyle of many people, one of the key components of the Mediterranean diet, which can now be considered a true model of life to which everyone wants to see, as synonymous with health, beauty and quality: in one word, of well-being.

The olive oil is the only vegetable fat that is extracted mechanically, that is, with the simple pressure or crushing of the fruit, without further chemical-physical type manipulations.

Unlike, for seed oils the oil is extracted by chemical processes, through the use of special equipment and chemicals, such as hydrocarbons such as butane, propane and hexane. These seed oils, then, are chemically treated with reagents up to deodorizing and make them presentable for consumption. In the various advertising these things are unspoken but, on the contrary, the consumer is mollified by the many lords jumping a fence like a sunflower oil (too rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, so as to tire the lipid metabolism in our body) really protect your heart (!!!).

In light of this, the mechanical extraction method is always to be preferred to that chemical, for this the only oil recommended to be used for the seasoning of our food is olive oil, particularly an oil with excellent characters: extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil is the world's only 3% of vegetable fat consumption, this sobering as this exceptional product is little known (the use and culture) and the positive potential that it can be expressed by a health standpoint .

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Now we know each other better with a video made at our farm and oil mill.
We describe how we produce the oils you choose and you buy for Your Family!

Here some videos selected by us that can definitely help you to understand this wonderful food that is the olive oil and the methods of production in this wonderful land that is Salento

As soon as you can, calmly watch them all! Consigliatissimi!

The Olive Oil Adventure of Salento - Documentary

Now I suggest you watch another video of 10 minutes where a ns. Dear journalist oleologist Salento, Luigi Uploaded, tells us in pill the extra virgin olive oil production process starting from olives harvested in the country to pressing and packaging oil.

Service on the oil, pure olive juice

Here I present to you a video which tells the "virtuous circle" which is called each consumer when choosing a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. This is the video that best represents the concept that the oil quality is Democratic! You might as well know it better!

Video on the choice of your democratic oils

A look at our land of Salento