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Solidarity and private purchasing groups of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Our company is engaged in all actions aimed at expanding its commercial network, also through the support of initiatives in Italy and abroad by Solidarity Buying Groups (GAS) or Individuals of typical Salento products, in particular extra virgin olive oil of olive from Salento.
This, in order to make our products more accessible, from an economic and organizational point of view, to all those people who for work and family reasons are scattered in Italy and in the world (scattered), far from this land of origin.
We therefore invite the Purchasing Groups managers to request our products on behalf of the group members by accessing the name of the GAS being represented.

The following are the terms and conditions of collaboration to access group purchases:

1) After registering at our shop, please contact us by email to request the GROUP COUPON which entitles you to a 10% discount on the entire online catalog;

2) In addition to the 10% discount, you can still take advantage of another 5% quantity discount for each individual product, when provided (see product quantity discount table). For example, you will first get a quantity discount of 5% + a further group purchase discount of 10% via the coupon;

3) To take advantage of this advantageous offer, you are required to order products for a minimum amount (before the 10% discount) of € 400 including VAT;

4) The payment of the order must necessarily be made by bank transfer;

5) The shipment must in any case be considered unique and not divisible, the goods will travel safely through the forwarding agent on the Epal platform 80x120 cm.
         If you represent a group of people in your city, you can still access our discounts in your personal name (with or without VAT number) as long as the minimum order is respected to obtain the 10% discount.

Below we offer an example of purchase and sale in a private group to better clarify your ideas on how it works, by using a purchase simulation directly on our shop:

Example of order collection for a purchase in a Private Group in the province of Mantua:

✅ I live in London and as a second job I go to the home of my friends, acquaintances, company owners who have employees, Maria, Andrea and Tommaso and I propose to buy 3 cans of 5 L each of oil from the Olearia Schirinzi Company (9 cans per original price to the public of € 50 each);

✅ I communicate to my 3 friends that there is the possibility to take advantage of a 5% initial quantity discount in groups (for orders of at least 8 5 L cans) and a further 10% group purchase discount with a minimum order of 400 €. The total discounted amount will therefore be € 384.75 instead of € 427.50;
✅ I collect the order on a paper commission form and I pay € 41.72 for each can instead of the original € 50;

✅ I purchase the oil of the Olearia Schirinzi company on the shop by bank transfer, making a cumulative order of cans of oil on my behalf and with my data, for an amount of € 384.75 and I send everything on the platform to my address in Mantua;

✅ I receive the platform with 9 cans of 5 L oil within 5 working days with a forwarding agent;

Ate the oil cans arrived at my home in Mantua and I give them to my friends Maria, Andrea and Tommaso;

✅ Group sales were successfully concluded with financial savings for the 3 families of Maria, Andrea and Tommaso !!!

Conclusion: Each family paid 5L cans of oil € 41.72 each instead of € 50 plus shipping costs if they had made an individual purchase of 3 cans.

Information on Buying Groups

What are buying groups? Are groups of consumers who choose to buy products (food and otherwise), directly from their producers. To this end, there is a saving both for companies (that sell larger quantities per order), and for consumers who purchase at more competitive prices. The prices are competitive because the products are purchased wholesale from local companies (and therefore lower transport costs) and without mediation or intermediate step. Gases in practice as a "short".

What makes a solidarity buying group? E 'it is given by charitable purposes that members pose at the base of their agreement, better prices, the environment and any other purpose meritorious from a social perspective. Many gases are formed to buy natural products, especially agricultural, such as extra virgin olive oil, pickled olives, vegetables and seasonings in general.

How to join the purchasing groups? You can create or join a group buying collective self from the basis of a small group of friends who share the project and social criteria.