Placing an order online is easy and secure !!!

Before we explain why this online store ...

We explain now birth of this store and shop online.
We confident that our company sells oil firm that for three generations has no customers.
This is because you will not believe, our customers have friends and families that we know one by one, to name !!! Oh yes, many come to visit us to see our olive groves, our olive press in general and our Old Company Olearia, here in fact done directly "from Producer to Consumer" purchases of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Especially in the summer, tourists and vacationers staying in Puglia in particular in Porto Cesareo (20 km), every year they stop for a visit to salute the company and take the opportunity to make purchases of oil. Moreover, it often happens that families come visit us because they are interested in our oil that could be tested and tasted in the restaurants of Salento, where we provide the oil bottles mignon dose for diners.

In this way, thanks to the new E-SHOP our cherished family away from the land of Salento can ask the oil in the new oil campaign since December, directly using the services of a professional E-Commerce like this.
You will in fact require shipping oil to your home with peace and security and to pay the oil in the most congenial to you, by PayPal (credit cards) to the bank.

Keeping in touch with our online shop you can enjoy the special oil over regular oil and promotions.

And if you still curious about ....

You can learn about the philosophy of our farm olive oil business since 1963 by visiting our web site


Management Orders

The first step to purchasing, you register by completing the registration form.

After completing the registration, you will receive via email the password to be recognized by the system, with those credentials can immediately begin the process of buying online.

By clicking on the button you can select the product of interest and add it in your cart.

After completing his purchases, as in any store, you go to the Shopping Cart Checkout to close the order.

Just follow the instructions and indicate the way of payment you prefer and the address of Destination of Goods (if different from that specified in the original registration).

At any time you can come back with a special button to change your choices, and possibly with special button to delete any items already added to the Shopping Cart.

The system of Orders is set in four subsequent phases:

1) Proposal for a customer order through the acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use
2) Acceptance order after checking availability items from us, with email notification;
3) Sending by the customer with email or fax attestation of payment of the bank transfer, except that the payment has not yet been made through paypal or credit card; Consult here our Terms of Payment
4) Shipment of goods to the customer by courier; Consult here our Terms of Delivery
5) Communication to the customer code tracking of the shipment in order to track the journey of the goods by the link of the courier used.
It specified that the order will then formalized only after our confirmation referred to in sub-point 2).
The products we sell are normally present in our store or in our stores.
In the event that the amount of goods ordered exceeds our availability and there were possible to procure in time, you will be promptly informed in order to choose whether to replace the missing product, wait for the product to be again available, modify or cancel the order.


We collected on this page some of the most frequently asked questions that we address our customers. Check to see if you can find the answer you need.
- I just signed up, but have not yet received the password to access my account. What to do? The password will be sent to the email address indicated on the registration form. Therefore, you should check your email and make a note of the password.
- Did not receive our communication? Check that the email address entered is correct. If the email address indicated in the registration is accurate and have not received any communication, then write to us at 0832.606497 or call for assistance.
- I want to make a gift. It 'possible to deliver the goods to a different address? Sure. Just enter the address of the destination of the goods (even abroad) before proceeding with the order confirmation and specify in the NOTES that it is a gift. The goods will be well accompanied by a note, and will not be attached commercial invoice. You can specify the text of the note in the order notes.
- I want to make an online purchase oil. Is there a minimum order? There is no minimum purchase, you can also buy a pack / carton for each item in the online store, provided the minimum quantities / Multiple provided for each package / carton. In all cases, you'll want to write off the cost of shipping by purchasing more than one item.
- I placed an order on-line oil. When I will receive my goods? Barring unforeseen circumstances, the goods are delivered throughout Italy in 2/3 working days from order confirmation. Delivery times may be greater during particular periods such as Christmas, Easter and Summer period, so in these periods do not guarantee delivery times normal.
- What is the fee of delivery? This is an additional charge of 2% with a fixed order of 5.00 euros, the Corriere required for the service of payment to delivery and will be added to the shipping costs if you choose to pay cash on delivery . If the shipping charges are free, the cost of cash will still be charged for the service requested.
- Can I pay by check? Unfortunately not. The Courier is not authorized to collect checks of any kind, but only in cash.
- It 's possible to specify an exact time for delivery? Unfortunately not. All deliveries are made by courier making deliveries throughout the day according to their own organizational logic and our company has no power to intervene. Therefore, you should specify an address where someone is always there to pick up the package. If, however, the notes will show you want to be contacted by telephone by the courier prior to delivery to set the date and time of delivery, we will ask the courier service "Notice of Delivery", but without any responsibility on our charge.
- Can I have the invoice for the goods ordered? Sure. Please specify in the order notes and to indicate the name of the company, and its VAT number and Fiscal Code. The invoice will be attached to the goods shipped.
- Can I claim the right of withdrawal? Sure, read our Terms and Conditions of Use