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Placing an order online Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easy and secure !!!

order online Extra Virgin Olive Oil
About us....

Since 1963 we have been millers and producers of extra virgin olive oil for tradition and passion.
Entrusted to us for purchases of typical products of excellence, in 50 years of activity only we can guarantee quality and safety!

    This VenditaOlio online shop was born from an idea of the Schirinzi Agricultural Company with the aim of proposing to the consumer away from Salento its own agricultural and oil production deriving from more than 50 years of activity: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The company draws origins from 1963, in the Salento area in the municipality of Carmiano, areas traditionally dedicated to the production of oil and wine. For more information about our company, please visit the institutional website

We explain why this online store...

We trust that our Oil Company that sells oil for three generations has no customers.
This is because, you won't believe it, our customers are Friends and Families we know one by one, by Name and Surname !!! Oh yes, so many come to visit us to see our centuries-old olive groves, our oil mill and in general our Antica Olearia Company, in fact here they directly purchase "from the Producer to the Consumer" purchases of the precious extra virgin olive oil from Salento.

Especially in the summer, tourists and vacationers, who stay in Salento in particular in Porto Cesareo (20 km), stop every year for a visit to the company and take advantage of purchases of oil. Furthermore, it often happens that families come to visit us because they are interested in our oil, which they were able to taste and taste in the restaurants of Salento, to which we supply the single-dose small oil bottles for diners.

In this way, thanks to the new online eshop, our loyal families far from this land can request the oil from the new olive oil campaign as early as December, directly on the web with the services of a professional E-Commerce like this.
In fact, you can request the shipping of new oil to your home with complete peace of mind and security and pay the oil in the most congenial way to you, cash on delivery, PayPal (credit cards), bank transfer.

Management Orders

The first step to purchasing, you register by completing the registration form.

After completing the registration, you will receive via email the password to be recognized by the system, with those credentials can immediately begin the process of buying online.

By clicking on the button you can select the product of interest and add it in your cart.

After completing his purchases, as in any store, you go to the Shopping Cart Checkout to close the order.

Just follow the instructions and indicate the way of payment you prefer and the address of Destination of Goods (if different from that specified in the original registration).

At any time you can come back with a special button to change your choices, and possibly with special button to delete any items already added to the Shopping Cart.

The system of Orders is set in four subsequent phases:

1) Proposal for a customer order through the acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use
2) Acceptance order after checking availability items from us, with email notification;
3) Sending by the customer with email or fax attestation of payment of the bank transfer, except that the payment has not yet been made through paypal or credit card; Consult here our Terms of Payment
4) Shipment of goods to the customer by courier; Consult here our Terms of Delivery
5) Communication to the customer code tracking of the shipment in order to track the journey of the goods by the link of the courier used.
It specified that the order will then formalized only after our confirmation referred to in sub-point 2).
The products we sell are normally present in our store or in our stores.
In the event that the amount of goods ordered exceeds our availability and there were possible to procure in time, you will be promptly informed in order to choose whether to replace the missing product, wait for the product to be again available, modify or cancel the order.


On this page we have collected some of the most frequent questions our customers ask us. Check if you find the answer you need.

- I have just registered, but I have not yet received the password to access my account. What to do? The password will be sent to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form. Therefore, please check your mail and note the password.
- Didn't receive any communication from us? Check that the email address entered is correct. If the e-mail address indicated at registration is correct and you have not received any communication, then write to or call 0832.606497 for assistance.
- I want to make a gift. Is it possible to deliver the goods to another address? Sure. Just indicate the destination address of the goods (even abroad) before proceeding with the order confirmation and specify in the NOTES that it is a gift. The goods will be accompanied by a note, and a commercial invoice will not be attached. You can indicate the text of the note in the order notes.
- I want to make a small order online. Is there a minimum order? There is a minimum order and is € 10.00 plus shipping costs based on the weight of the ordered goods.
- I want to make a consistent order online. Is there any possibility of having the shipment FREE? It is not possible to have a FREE shipment of delicate and perishable food items!
To facilitate you, only in Italy and the smaller islands with a minimum order of € 120 will be charged maximum costs of € 9.50 by way of only the contribution of special packing (for oil, liquids and glass bottles) & Insurance.
We ship heavy, perishable and very delicate food products and to guarantee the arrival of products in total safety we need to bear significant costs for a suitable packing and for a suitable insurance coverage on the goods; In fact, if part of the goods were delivered to you damaged, we will send the goods back to you at no additional cost!
- I placed an oil order online. When will the goods be delivered to me? Unless unexpected events occur, the goods are delivered throughout Italy within 2/3 working days of order confirmation. Delivery times may be longer in particular periods such as Christmas, Easter and Summer, so normal delivery times cannot be guaranteed in these periods.
- What is the fixed signing right? This is an additional cost of 6.50 Euros, which the Courier requires for the payment service on delivery of the goods and will be added to the shipping costs if you choose to pay on delivery. If shipping costs are free, cash on delivery charges will still be charged for the requested service.
- Can I pay by check? Unfortunately not. The Courier is not authorized to collect checks of any kind, but only cash.
- Is it possible to indicate a precise time for delivery? Unfortunately not. All shipments are made by express courier who make deliveries throughout the day according to their own organizational logic and on our company has no power of intervention. Therefore, please indicate an address where someone is always present to collect the package.
- Can I have an invoice for the ordered goods? Sure. Please specify this in the order notes and indicate the company name, VAT number and tax code, as well as SDI or pec code to send the electronic invoice.
- Can I exercise the right of withdrawal? Of course, read the conditions for exercising it in our Terms and Conditions of Use section